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Next Restaurant Gathering:  Potluck ~ Saturday, March 12, 2016,  6:30 p.m.
Thai Kitchen, 327 Dean A McGee Ave., OKC, OK 73102, near Hudson Ave.

You are invited to come gather with other vegans & vegetarians on
Saturday, March 12, 2016, 6:30 p.m. at
Thai Kitchen, 327 Dean A McGee Ave, OKC, OK  73102, at Hudson Ave.

A vegan buffet is being provided for us. The cost is $11.50, which includes the tax and a soft drink or regular iced tea.    
If you desire a non-vegan Thai iced tea or Thai iced coffee, it will be extra. Dairy is used in the making of them. 
Please RSVP to rsvp@vegok.org with the number in your party when you decide to come, but please let us know ASAP, so the restaurant can plan for us.
Also, remember to tip the server.

What to Expect on the Buffet:
Green Curry ~ Coconut milk, green & red bell peppers, eggplant & bamboo shoots Yellow Curry ~ Coconut milk, potatoes & onions
Panang Curry ~ Coconut milk, green & red bell peppers, carrots & sweet peas 
Pad Thai ~ Medium rice noodles, stir fried tofu, sweet radish, Julienne carrots, green onions, & bean sprouts
Pad Spicy ~ Large rice noodles, stir fried tofu, onion, cabbage, Julienne carrots, and bean sprouts
Brussel Sprouts, onions, circular carrots
Woon Sen Noodles ~ Clear soybean noodles
Mushrooms ~ stir fried with onions, circular carrots, and green onions
Green Beans ~ Stir Fried with onions, Julienne carrots & tofu
Broccoli ~ Stir Fried with onions, circular carrots & tofu
Mixed Vegetables with Eggplant
Jalapeno, with deep fried tofu, green & red bell peppers, onion
Spring Roll ~ stuffed with cabbage & carrots. The wrapper is made from wheat. Samusa ~ Triangular wheat wrapper stuffed with potatoes, onions & whole chickpeas, spiced with Indian spices
Fruit Tray

Remember to start or renew your membership in the Vegetarians of Oklahoma. (But it is not necessary to be a member to attend dinners.)  We use the money for tabling events and literature, just to give a couple examples. And now your membership card is worth discounts at some of our favorite restaurants! $15. ~ Individual $25. ~ Family membership for a whole year!
With more coming, Our Current Discount Partners are:
Gopuram Taste of India ~ http://www.gopuramtasteofindia.com
Nunu's Mediterranean Cafe' and Market ~ http://www.nunuscafe.com
Green and Grilled ~ http://greenandgrilled.com/

You're encouraged to patronize these all, or nearly all vegetarian restaurants:

The Red Cup Cafe', 3122 N. Classen Blvd., OKC, OK, 731  405-525-3430 It is an all vegetarian/vegan menu.

The Earth Natural Foods ~ 309 S. Flood, Norman, OK, 73069  405-364-3551 Very vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurant and store. They also have gluten free menu items.

Nourished Food Co, A Grab and Go Clean Eats Food Bar ~ vegan, except for some hard boiled eggs. bakery goods are gluten-free, and very tasty!
www.nourishedfood.co  131 Dean A McGee Ave., OKC, OK 73102, in the Carnegie Centre


Meatout - March

Meatout is an international observance helping individuals evolve to a wholesome, compassionate diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The purpose is to expose the public to the joys and benefits of a plant-based diet, while promoting the availability and selection alternatives to meat and dairy in mainstream grocery stores, restaurants, and catering operations. Meatout was launched in 1985 and is coordinated each year by FARM, a national nonprofit, public interest organization.

Earth Day ~ Friday, April 22, 2016
What is the best thing you can do for the environment? Yes, that's right, don't eat animals!

World Vegetarian Day - October 1

Every year on October 1st, World Vegetarian Day kicks off Vegetarian Awareness Month (October) with parties, potlucks, presentations, food tasting displays...and lots of friendly discussions on vegism. This site provides suggestions on what you can do and what outreach materials may prove useful to you or your organization.

World Farm Animals Day - October 2

World Farm Animals day, observed on (or around) October 2nd, is a time dedicated to exposing, mourning, and memorializing the needless suffering and slaughter of the more than 55 billion cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, and other sentient land animals in the world's factory farms and slaughterhouses. It is a time for all to speak out against the atrocities and brutalization of animals raised for meat, eggs, and dairy. The date, October 2nd, honors the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, an outspoken advocate of non-violence towards animals.

Gentle Thanksgiving

Gentle Thanksgiving is an opportunity to encourage friends, family, and neighbors to adopt compassionate alternatives to unnecessarily cruel turkey dinners. We accomplish this by demonstrating the great taste and superior nutrition of gourmet vegan recipes and a variety of festive plant-based foods.

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